Scrap steel production line

Scrap steel production line




The technological process of the scrap crushing line is only a reference.

scrap production line


scrap steel is the only raw material to replace iron ore in steel production. The exploitation and utilization of waste steel resources is an important way for the iron and steel industry to realize energy saving, clean production, recycling economy and alleviating the iron ore crisis. At present, the recycling rate of scrap steel in China is only 19.9%, far below the world average level of 48.3%. The development trend of scrap treatment is to develop new type of scrap comprehensive treatment technology with the new technology of environmental protection, mechanical and electrical integration and so on. The scrap steel production line produced by our company can automatically peel off the dust and paint on the scrap steel, mainly to the scrap steel, car body, bicycle, household appliance, waste oil barrel, and the scrap of the packing and the scrap steel, which can be broken, rolled, sorted and purified. High quality waste steel "fine material".

crusher production line

complete set of equipment,

the complete set of equipment for the crushing treatment line of scrap steel mainly includes plate chain feeder, hydraulic roller, scrap crusher, vibrating feeder, magnetic separator.

technology features and advantages.

the equipment of the scrap crushing and processing line produced by our company has the characteristics of strong adaptability, high efficiency, low consumption, clean, high automation and low maintenance cost. It can provide various specifications such as 100 thousand, 150 thousand, 200 thousand tons, 300 thousand tons, 400 thousand tons, 600 thousand tons, 800 thousand tons, 1 million tons per year. The technical characteristics are:

] adaptability to material

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