Steel pipe steel bar cutting machine

Steel pipe steel bar cutting machine




The main features of steel tube cutting machine are:

1.. Reinforced body, small volume, compact structure, strong and reliable. Good lubrication performance.

2. steel pipe steel bar cutting machine has less functional loss. The machine uses computer to control oil delivery system, automatic timing refueling, automatic alarm system, without artificial refueling lubrication, because of the improvement of lubrication conditions, the service life is greatly improved.

3. this machine is designed for double knife cut off synchronously, each second can be cut out once, 2 times the number of single cut cutting times, and each blade can be multiple, irregular multiple types of steel material.

4. this machine adopts high rigidity knife holder, connecting rod, screw and so on, high speed national standard motor. Its performance is more stable, and its service life is longer. @ lubrication performance is good, adopt closed structure, use gear splash lubrication, add gear oil 8KG or so at a time, continuous operation for two months. Less loss of function, because of the improvement of lubrication conditions, the end of the gear roller bearings, small resistance, compared with the same type of cutting machine, the load can be greatly reduced power consumption. Adopting high steel knife holder, connecting rod and high speed national standard motor, the quality is more stable.

steel tube cutting machine installation method:

(1) put the equipment in stable working position without shaking. (2)

(2) use four core copper cable link motor and circuit breaker

(3) for trial operation, first do not add material. First, after closing, it quickly disconnects and observe the rotation direction of the pulley. If it is in line with the direction of the belt pulley, it is reclosing again. After the equipment is stable, the steel bar is added to the feeding port. If the direction is opposite, please reverse the motor.


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