Gantry shear

Gantry shear




product description:

The gantry shearing machine mainly cuts the material size (12~20mm)*250mm. The cutting times are 8~12 times per minute. This series requires simple infrastructure. Xinbao Industrial Longmen cutting adopts hydraulic drive, which has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, low motion inertia, low noise, smooth operation, flexible operation and large shear section compared with mechanical transmission type cutting machine. Integrated hydraulic and electric control, can implement single and continuous action conversion, simple and convenient to use, can be stopped and operated at any working position, and easy to achieve overload protection. It has a wide range of applications, not only as processing equipment for metal recycling processing units, but also as furnace material processing in the foundry workshop of the factory and metal cutting processing equipment in the mechanical construction industry.

Application field:

This series of gantry hydraulic cutters are suitable for metal recycling processing plants, scrapped automobile dismantling yards, and smelting and casting industries. They are suitable for various shapes of section steel, angle steel, channel steel, round steel, billet, iron wire, iron plate, copper plate, aluminum plate Various metal structures such as wire rope, rebar, cut angle iron, etc. are cold cut and processed into qualified charge.


1. This equipment adopts hydraulic transmission. Compared with the mechanical transmission type cutting machine, it has the advantages of small size, light weight, low inertia, low noise, smooth action, convenient operation, flexible, large cutting surface, and convenient adjustment of the cutting edge. , Safe operation and use, easy to achieve overload protection.

2. The equipment has manual and automatic functions, and the operation and control are convenient and simple. The cutting blade starts cutting and stopping at any position during the working process, and can control the size of the cutting incision arbitrarily according to the size of the material to be cut to obtain High work efficiency.

3. This equipment is designed to be fast. Without increasing the power of the motor and the displacement of the oil pump, the speed is kept fast under the shear (about 250 tons), and the speed will be automatically changed when cutting larger materials. Restore the original cutting force, thus nearly double the work efficiency.

4. The piston adopts foreign BSF grid to seal the ring, which can not only keep the shear force unchanged under high oil temperature, but also keep the shear force unchanged under long-term operation or high oil temperature. These advantages improve the quality and grade of the machine and extend the service life of the machine.

5. The machine is equipped with a quick device. Without increasing the power of the motor and the displacement of the oil pump, a fast circuit is designed to increase the cutting speed from 8 times per minute to 12 times per minute (referring to the number of times when the cutter opens a large opening), which has nearly doubled the work efficiency. This feature is unique among peers across the country.

Applicable materials:

Metal, iron sheet, cast iron, thin iron, thin iron sheet, light and thin material, steel, color steel tile, scrap steel, scrap iron, aluminum alloy, channel steel, angle steel, angle iron, copper plate, metal plate, aluminum profile, scrap steel, aluminum plate, Iron plate, steel plate, round steel, scrap metal.、

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