Steel pipe steel cutting machine

Steel pipe steel cutting machine




Main features of steel pipe steel cutting machine:

1. Reinforced body, small size, compact structure, strong and reliable. Good lubrication performance.

2. The steel pipe steel cutting machine has less loss of functions. The machine uses a computer-controlled oil delivery system, which automatically refuels regularly and automatically alarms. There is no need for manual refueling and lubrication. The service life is greatly improved due to improved lubrication conditions.

3. This machine is designed for double-knife simultaneous cutting, which can produce a knife once per second, which is twice the number of single-knife cutting times, and each blade can have multiple roots, and irregular steel materials of various types are cut.

4. This machine adopts high rigid knife seat, connecting rod, screw, etc., high-speed national standard motor. The performance is more stable and the service life is longer.

It has good lubricating performance, adopts closed structure, utilizes gear splash lubrication, and can add enough gear oil of about 8KG at a time, which can work continuously for two months. The function loss is small, due to the improvement of lubrication conditions, the rolling bearing is used at the gear end, and the resistance is small. Compared with the same type of cutting machine, the power consumption can be greatly reduced under load. Using high-rigidity tool holder, connecting rod, high-speed national standard motor, the quality is more stable.

Installation method of steel pipe steel bar cutting machine:

(1) Put the equipment into the working position stably without shaking.

(2) Use four-core copper cables to link the motor and the circuit breaker

(3) Don't add material during the trial operation. Firstly, it will be quickly disconnected after closing. Observe the rotation direction of the pulley. If it is consistent with the direction marked on the pulley, it will be closed again. After the equipment is stable, add reinforcement to the injection port. If the direction is opposite, please reverse the motor.

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