Round vibrating screen

Round vibrating screen




product description

The circular vibrating screen machine is mainly composed of a screen box, a screen, a vibrator, a damping spring device, a bottom frame and so on. A cylindrical eccentric shaft exciter and eccentric block are used to adjust the amplitude. The vibrator is installed on the side plate of the screen box and driven by the motor through a V-belt. The side plate of the screen machine is made of high-quality steel plate, and the side plate is connected with the beam and the base of the exciter by high-strength bolts or ring groove rivets. The vibrator is installed on the side plate of the screen box, and the motor drives the rotation through the coupling, which generates centrifugal inertial force and forces the screen to vibrate.

Outstanding advantages

1. The circular vibrating screen adopts the cylinder type eccentric shaft exciter and the eccentric block to adjust the amplitude, which is convenient to use and maintain.

2. The round vibrating screen adopts spring steel woven screen or punching screen plate, which has a long service life and is not easy to block holes.

3. The round vibrating screen adopts rubber vibration-isolating spring, which has long service life, low noise and stable over resonance area.

working principle

The motor generates a high-speed rotation of the eccentric block of the exciter through the triangle belt, and excites the screen box to produce a circular motion with a certain amplitude. In the process of face-to-face encounter, the particles smaller than the sieve are penetrated through the sieve to achieve classification.

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