Hydraulic cone crusher

Hydraulic cone crusher




product description

The high-efficiency hydraulic cone crusher not only improves the production capacity and crushing efficiency, but also expands the application range, from limestone to basalt, from stone production to various ore crushing, and efficiently completes various medium crushing, fine crushing and ultrafine crushing operations. It is the current generation of replacement products for spring cone crushers and general hydraulic cone crushers in the mining construction industry. It is the most ideal equipment for large-scale stone factories and mining crushing. It is a high-performance cone crusher with world advanced level developed by our company by introducing German technology. Main structure: The main components of HPC high efficient cone crusher are machine base assembly, eccentric sleeve assembly, transmission shaft assembly, motor assembly, moving cone assembly, fixed cone assembly, etc. The auxiliary part consists of electrical system, lubrication system, hydraulic system, etc.

Outstanding advantages

Hydraulic high efficiency hydraulic cone crusher has more advantages than spring cone crusher and general hydraulic cone crusher:

1. Large crushing ratio and high production efficiency ——Combining higher speed and stroke, the rated power and passing ability of the HP crusher are greatly improved, and the crushing ratio and production efficiency are improved.

2. Less consumption of wearing parts and low operating cost-reasonable structure, advanced crushing principle and technical parameters, reliable operation and low operating cost; all parts of the crusher are provided with wear-resistant protection to reduce maintenance costs to a minimum, generally The service life can be increased by more than 30%.

3. Excellent lamination crushing and excellent granular shape of the finished product-through the special crushing cavity designed by the principle of inter-granular lamination and the matching rotating speed, it replaces the traditional single-particle crushing principle to achieve selective crushing of materials and significantly improve The fine material ratio and cube content of the product greatly reduce the needle-like material.

4. Hydraulic protection and hydraulic cavity cleaning, high degree of automation, and reduced downtime-the hydraulic adjustment discharge port and overload protection greatly improve the operation level of the cone crusher, making maintenance easier, more convenient operation, and shorter downtime ;HP series cone crusher two-way iron release hydraulic cylinder can let the iron block pass through the crushing cavity. The cone crusher can hydraulically lift the top and automatically discharge in the case of iron passing and instantaneous stuffiness, which greatly reduces the original spring Cone crushers need to be shut down for manual discharge, while many other manufacturers' crushers will be shut down due to iron jams.

5. Thin oil lubrication, reliable and advanced, and improved service life ——The unique design of thin oil lubrication system greatly improves the service life of equipment. High-performance non-contact labyrinth seals are wear-free, which improves the reliability of blocking dust and fundamentally eliminates common failures such as oil-water mixing of the original spring cone crusher.

6. A variety of crushing cavity types, flexible application and strong adaptability-HP cone crusher only needs to replace the fixed cone lining plate and moving cone lining plate. The crushing cavity shape can be from the standard super coarse cavity type to the short head super fine cavity type Arbitrary transformation to meet the requirements of a wide range of product granularity.

7. Easy maintenance, convenient operation and use-all parts of the HP Cone Crusher can be disassembled and maintained from the top or side. The moving and fixed cones are easy to disassemble and install, without disassembling the frame and fastening bolts, so the HP cone crusher It is more convenient for the machine to replace the lining board daily. The use of hydraulic motors enables the production efficiency of the crusher.

8. Hydraulic cone crusher provides higher production capacity, product shape, and is easy to control automatically. It has maximum reliability and flexibility, and truly creates more value for users.

working principle

The work is to drive the pulley or coupling, the transmission shaft and the conical part through the rotation of the motor to make the eccentric shaft swing periodically under the axis line. After the material enters the crushing cavity from the material port, it is crushed due to the mutual impact of the eccentric shaft and the rolling mortar wall, which is crushed and rubbed. The hydraulic insurance system can remove the support sleeve and the fixed cone part from the fault when the machine has an iron fault or a boring car phenomenon, which plays a good insurance role and greatly reduces the maintenance rate and improves production efficiency .

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