SYCT double roller dry separator

SYCT double roller dry separator

Product Description:

SYCT double drum dry separator is mainly used for dry separation of fine-grained and strong magnetic minerals. Because the surface magnetic field strength of the SYCT double roller dry separator reached 2500 ooter, it is especially suitable for the mineral of low grade after the fine crushing process, enriching the useful minerals, thus greatly improving the mill efficiency, especially for the poor area of water resources. Product features: 1. energy saving: only in

SYCT double drum dry separator

the operation process consumes a small amount of electric energy without consuming magnetizing current. Dry magnetic separation saves water resources and has no two pollution. 2. high yield: the magnetic system is designed with open magnetic system, with high mineral processing ability and no blockage. 3. durable:

SYCT double drum dry separator

magnetic system is protected by roller, direct contact with materials, easy to protect magnets, equipment running cost is low. 4. effect: purification effect is good, after achieving magnetic separation, the mineral grade is high, and the residue of tailings is less. The design of 5. is reasonable: the dynamic magnetic system, magnetic minerals can produce sliding displacement and roll over the surface of the roller. It has a cleaning effect on the roller, the roller is not sticky, and it is beneficial to the magnetic separation of the material and the improvement of the grade of the concentrate.



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