vibrating screen

vibrating screen




Product introduction:

high frequency screen is mainly used in the pre selection classification of two sections of the mill before and after the grinding of magnetic ore dressing plant. It can form a closed circuit with the two stage grinding operation, and can fully separate the qualified fine particle magnet minerals, and improve the quality of the product and the processing capacity of the mill.

product features:


2, the vibrator drives the screen surface to vibrate by high frequency through the transmission mechanism, and the screen box is stationary. The vibration system is designed to work in the near resonance state. The whole machine is supported by vibration damping, so that the ground does not bear the dynamic load. The screen machine does not need to make the foundation. It is directly installed on the solid flat ground or the ordinary steel structure platform. 3. The vibration frequency of the screen surface is 50Hz, the amplitude is 0~2 millimeter, and the vibration intensity is 8~10 times of the acceleration of gravity, which is 2~3 times the vibration intensity of the general mechanical vibrating screen. The screen surface is not easy to block holes, and has high screening efficiency and large processing capacity. It is especially suitable for sieving fine powder material. The grading size is 0.074 ~ 1mm.

4 and sieve surface consist of three different flexible screens. The bottom wire rope core polyurethane net is a supporting net, laying double stainless steel wire braided composite net with different wire diameter and mesh. The composite network layer is a working network, which is used to screen the material directly. The lower layer of the composite network is a bottom network, which is used to disperse the force and transfer the vibration to ensure the high screening efficiency and prolong the service life of the work network. There are hooks at both ends of the screen to facilitate the loading and unloading of the screen and adjust the tension. The feeding buffer sieve plate can disperse the pulp evenly and avoid damaging the screen directly.

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6 and sieves are controlled by computer. The vibration parameters of each vibrator can be adjusted individually. The instantaneous strong vibration function is set on the control, and the screen surface is cleaned regularly by setting the intermittent instantaneous vibration parameters, so as to prevent plugging.

7, vibration transmission system uses high quality elastic material flexible connection, long-term operation reliable, sieve machine for energy saving products. The power of the single exciter is only 0.15kW, and the 2420 type electromagnetic high frequency screen is usually used for mineral processing. The power consumption of the whole machine does not exceed 1.2kW/.

8, sieving box side plate is formed by bending the steel plate as a whole, which improves the overall rigidity and reliability of the screen, and the appearance of the equipment is more beautiful.

9, screen machine can configure different types of electrical control cabinet according to the different needs of the customer, in order to achieve parameters setting, remote control, historical record and fault alarm, and other additional functions.

technical parameters:


effective sifting area


vibrational models


vibrational frequency times,












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