Disc filter

Disc filter




Product introduction:

disc filter is a continuous vacuum filter equipment used for the filtration of slurry in the production of phosphoric acid, separating phosphoric acid from phosphogypsum, and also in metallurgical, light industry, national defense and other industrial sectors.

it is driven by the motor through a triangular belt, a circular spiral worm reducer decelerates, and a ring wheel and a ring wheel on the blunt tooth needle wheel to drive the rotary disc horizontal rotation. A filter plate with a number of trapezoid vacuum plus U tube structures is installed on the annular turntable, all of which is made of advanced acid resistant stainless steel, and is connected with an acid resistant rubber tube and a distributor installed in the center of a rotating disc. The distributor is made of acid resistant stainless steel castings, and the bottom has a filter tube, which can be connected with the vacuum system. Each filter disk will be rotated for one week to complete the initial filter, one wash, two washing (including acid absorption), the reverse blow off dregs, the filter cloth flushing and the dry reduction. The reverse action of the filter plate is accomplished by a V fork and a roller arranged on the filter shaft, passing through a curved guide rail.

basic principle:

the disc filter is made up of the filter unit, and its filter unit is mainly composed of a group of annular reinforced plastic filter plates with grooves or edges. When the filter is filtered, the sewage is entered from the outside. The edge of the edge of the groove on the adjacent filter disc is intercepted by the edge of the water. When backwashing, the water flows from the inside of the annular filter plate to the outside, and the dirt is washed down on the filter plate and discharged through the sewage outlet.

the disk is stacked together for compacting compaction in the cell, and the middle groove of the upper and lower two layers of the disc plays the role of filtration interception. @ raw water flows through the outflow through the filtration unit, and impurities in the groove are intercepted outside. The core component of the disc filter is a plastic filter plate stacked together, with a special groove or edge on the filter plate. The grooves or edges on the adjacent filter plates form a certain size channel, and the suspended particles with a size larger than the size of the channel are intercepted to achieve the filtering effect. To a large extent, the product can replace the traditional mechanical filtration device such as sand filter, and its performance is superior, and the water and electricity consumption is far lower than other products. A disc filter has designed the prisms of different structures on the two sides of the filter plate. These edges overlap together to form a cross section, in which the curved edges mainly play the role of intercepting and storing suspended objects. A slightly large open design on the outside can ensure that the backwash does not need to be loosened and the backwashing effect can be achieved at low water pressure. The annular edge determines the filtration accuracy and forms the channel of water. The filter disk can provide up to 5 UF filtering accuracy. @ when raw water enters the middle of the two layer of filter disc, it first flows along the curve to the plate, but careful observation can not enter directly. At this time, the filtering interceptor is the ring edge, the impurities smaller than the ring groove size can enter the curvilinear edges that interconnect with the inner ring, and the large impurities are intercepted. The unique structure of the

filter makes the backwashing process more simple and easier to wash out the dirt, without the need for complex motors and drives, and simple flow of water is enough to flush out the dirt out of the filter. This excellent performance reduces the backwashing time of the filter; at the same time, the filter can not only be stored between the filter plate group and the outer shell, but also can be stored inside the filter plate group more, so the filter can hold more dirt.

technical parameters:




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