The flotation machine

The flotation machine




Floatation machine is an important device to realize flotation process. After wet grinding, the minerals that have been dissolved by the basic monomer are transferred into a certain concentration of mineral slurry, which are fully reconciled to the flotation agent in the mixing tank and sent into the flotation machine. In the process, the desired minerals are attached to the bubbles through inflating and stirring, and the mineralized foam layer is formed on the pulp surface and the scraper is scraped out or spilt from the spillover. That is, foam products (concentrate), rather than foam products from the bottom of the tank. Flotation machine performance is an important factor affecting flotation technology.

1, the working ability and time limit of the flotation machine, like other machines, are determined by the maintenance and maintenance of the normal work of the main parts. All the working parts should be carefully checked for 3-4 months, and the first months of the new flotation machine should be checked regularly.

2, only skilled personnel can be checked. @ 3, in order to reduce the downtime in time to replace the vulnerable parts, it is necessary to store a full set of vulnerable parts in the warehouse. According to the specific circumstances, determine the use date and reserve amount of vulnerable parts.

4, we must ensure that the operators of flotation machines have certain technical guidance or training to make him fully familiar with the machine. @ 5, in order to avoid dirt and useless things mixed into the oil, there should be filters when filling oil. When the flotation machine works, the oil cover should be sealed.

6, check before driving, and contact with the upper and lower processes can be activated.

7, the driving sequence is: press the upper gate switch and press the start button.

8, after driving, do not touch the rotating parts with hands.

flotation machine working principle:

by motor triangle drive drive impeller rotation, producing centrifugal effect to form negative pressure, on the one hand, the inhalation of sufficient air and mixture of pulp, on the one hand mixing pulp and medicine mixture, at the same time refining the foam, so that mineral foam above the mineral foam, float to the pulp surface and form mineralized foam. Adjust the height of the gate and control the liquid level, so that the useful foam is scraped out by the scraper.

technical parameters:



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