Grade hoist

Grade hoist




The use and characteristics of the grade elevator

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the machine is powered by a DC electric control cabinet, which forms a circle in the magnetic column, and the magnetic force that moves down in order pulls the polymerized flux downward, and the high grade magnetite concentrate is discharged at the bottom of the bottom cone. The single gangue and the lianas are increased by the upward swirling upward flow of the lower part, and finally overflow by the tailings overflow channel.

the machine allows up to 2-6cm/s of rising water speed, its structure is simple, no running parts, low power consumption (0.1-0.2Wh/t), high grade of grade, up to 2%-11%.

technical parameters:

magnetic reunion gravity Reseparator

it makes full use of the strong magnetic properties of the material, abandons the existing weak magnetic separation technology that relies on the external magnetic field to attract the strong magnetic materials directly, and uses the strong magnetic reunion of the 10~30 Gauss / gram's specific magnetization. In addition, the magnetic, shear and gravity separation functions are combined, and a small permanent magnetic field with stratified and dispersed magnetomagnetism is used to make intermittent magnetization, and the shear action of water flow is applied to make it be in the strong rheological state of the agglomeration = loose and high selectivity, so that the magnetic difference of the different components in the separation material is converted into settlement. Significant difference in speed is achieved by enhanced gravity separation in high concentration, large gravity and coarse-grained heavy medium pulp. The structural state of the slurry is broken by the traditional wet magnetic separation of the strong magnetic particles, and the separation is determined only by the high selective separation of the specific magnetic susceptibility of the mineral particles itself. The separation of strong magnetic particles and magnetic gangue is realized. The equipment is novel and simple in structure. It is an ideal equipment for improving the technical and economic indicators of the concentrator.

specifications and models, m3ka/m

water supply is m3/h

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