How to choose the correct model of the crusher

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Crusher is the basic equipment of garbage disposal, there are many types and models of equipment.

Improper selection of the crusher. In many cases, the function of the crusher equipment cannot be fully exerted. This is mainly considering the crushing performance of the crusher, the crushing ratio and the size of the different crushers when selecting the crusher. Or because different crushers target different crushed materials. When purchasing a crusher, the user must choose a scientific and reasonable model according to the selection factors.

Element 1: The performance of crushed materials

   Names of broken objects are needed: used mattresses, tires, etc.

   The ingredients contained in the material are: wood, plastic, metal, etc.

   The original size of the material provided includes: large, small, average, shape, etc.

   Provide the nature of the materials such as: dry materials, wet materials, moisture content, etc.

   The status of provided materials such as: stacked storage, undisassembled state, etc.

Such as: broken large pieces of garbage, which contains mattresses, sofas, wardrobes, tables and chairs, the composition is wood, the larger material: mattress, larger size 200cm, smaller size 50cm, the material does not contain water, accumulated storage, unfolded Solution.

Element two: output and output requirements

   How many tons of material need to be broken per hour? Discharge particle size?

 For example, when the output is 10-20 tons, the output size is about 10CM, and it needs to be equipped with an iron remover, a dust reduction system, and an intelligent monitoring system.

Element 3: Incoming and outgoing materials

    Feeding methods include forklift feeding, conveying feeding, grab feeding, etc., and discharging methods include conveyor discharging, packaging after crushing, etc.

Auxiliary equipment can be configured according to the actual situation: feed conveyor, discharge conveyor, iron remover, material pressure device, hydraulic drive, intelligent dust reduction system, etc.

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