How to choose the right crusher for the project

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In recent years, the development of the mining machinery industry has been changing with each passing day. As the core equipment of large-scale machinery and equipment, the market demand for crushers is also increasing. However, there are countless ways to break it, and there are many types of crushers. In order to choose a crusher suitable for your project, it is necessary to carefully analyze the nature of the material, the particle size of the material and the ability to produce the material.

  From a market perspective, users choose to crush, gradually reduce, counterattack and hammer, but mobile crusher is very popular with users. Mobile crusher is a powerful combination equipment. It is easy to use, so it has been selling well since its launch. The above crusher has obvious advantages, detailed description is as follows:

   1. Jaw crusher: Jaw crusher crushes most materials, such as river pebbles, iron ore, timely and other minerals. This is very destructive. Due to its simple structure, it is easy to replace vulnerable parts. The convenience and economy are welcomed by most users.

   2. Impact crusher: usually used to crush relatively fine materials. Because the crushed materials are cubic particles, there is no tension and cracks, and the output particle size is good, the price is cheaper than the cone crushing. Used for secondary crushing.

   3. Mobile crusher: Mobile crusher is a large number of equipment on the market, which is widely used to crush all kinds of construction waste. The reasonable combination of complete equipment is not limited by the site. Whether it is tires or tracks, whether it is flat or rugged mountain roads, mobile crushers can work freely, save costs, shorten cycles, can be quickly put into use, and help users get benefits as soon as possible. In addition, the new mobile crusher can judge equipment failure in advance to avoid accidents.

   4. Cone crusher: Cone crusher is suitable for medium hardness materials, granite, bluestone and other materials. Generally, finer-grained materials can be used for secondary crushing. Cone crusher has a variety of models such as single cylinder, full hydraulic, duplex, etc., users can choose according to their needs.

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