Maintenance method of roller crusher

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Maintenance method of roller crusher

      There are many types of crushers, and suitable models for different materials can bring about twice the result with half the effort. The roller crusher is now a professional model in many industries. Before any machine is used, it needs comprehensive maintenance. The maintenance of the roller crusher is very important, because it can not only save costs, but also extend its life. The simple operation of the roller crusher and the maintenance of the roller crusher during use are both crucial. The working surface of the roller depends on the requirements of use, and can be smooth or toothed or grooved. For crushing hard and abrasive materials, smooth rollers can be used. Because the crushing effect of the smooth roller on the material is mainly crushing and grinding, it is mainly suitable for medium and fine crushing of medium-hard materials.

Each stick of the roller crusher is driven by a separate motor. There is also a motor that drives a fixed bearing stick through a belt drive. The other end of the roller shaft of the fixed bearing is equipped with a gear to drive the movable stick through the gear. Due to the change in material properties, the movable stick moves left and right, so the tooth height of the gear must be increased to prevent the teeth from coming off. In order to prevent the iron damage of the roller crusher, it must be equipped with a safety device. The movable roller shaft of the roller crusher is supported by spring pressure. Under normal working conditions, the spring force is sufficient to overcome the crushing force required by the crushed material.

    The tooth plate or ring gear tooth surface of the roller crusher can be used to replace or turn around. Some smooth rollers automatically reciprocate on the surface of the roller wear uniformity equipment, so that the roller crusher cylinder surface. The surface of the roller is worn, the width of the discharge port will increase, and it is necessary to adjust the activity to launch. The regulations require attention to keep the two rollers parallel to each other. Spacers of different thickness are placed between the frame and the movable bearing. Changing the number of spacers can adjust the width of the discharge port between the two rollers to meet the requirements of different product sizes. When there is unbreakable material into the crushing cavity, the spring is compressed The movable roller retracts and the discharge opening is enlarged. After the material is discharged, the movable roller is reset under the pressure of the spring. This is the mechanical discharge port adjustment and overload protection device.

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