The difference between crusher and sand making machine

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The crusher has the function of shaping and making sand, the produced sand and gravel aggregate has a reasonable grain size and the finished product has a good grain shape; but if the material is river pebble or granite, a sand making machine is required, so that the aggregate produced can meet the requirements of our country Sand standard for construction, but this equipment is slightly more expensive. The sand washing machine commonly used in the machine-made sand production line is the wheel sand washing machine. This sand washing machine has high washing degree, reasonable structure, large output, and less sand loss during the sand washing process, especially its transmission part. Both are isolated from water and sand, so the failure rate is lower than that of the spiral sand washing machine.

   Similarities and differences between counterattack breaking and sand making machine:

  To talk to you today about the similarities and differences between Jinshan Machinery Crusher and Sand Making Machine, I hope to help everyone.

   Similarities: One: the same is the working principle.

  2: They all have three plastic silos, and the discharge particle size is smooth and beautiful, which is welcomed by the market.

  3: They can't be used as head-breaking machines, all are secondary processing models, and can't eat aniseed.

   Similarities and differences: one: counterattack is a stone production line, the normal configuration is jaw breaking and counterattack; the main function of the sand making machine is sand making, and at the same time it can extract 1-2 stones.

  2: The counter-attack breaker is a rectangular parallelepiped and installed side by side. It can form a closed protective cover during operation. with the shortage of rubble in the mines, many customers use jaw breakers to counterattack construction waste.

  The hammer of the sand making machine is a cube, which is installed in an irregular shape, and cannot form a sealing ring like a counterattack. Therefore, it is more sensitive to steel products and is easy to entangle. It is necessary to add an iron removal device in front of several mouths.

  3: The counterattack hammer can only be used twice, and the sand maker hammer can be used four times.

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