Method for preventing overload of crusher

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When the crusher is used in the production line, sometimes the phenomenon of overload occurs. At this time, we need to find a way to solve it. For the phenomenon of overload, our preventive measures mainly include the following methods.

   1. The power supply voltage is too low: the new crusher operates in the countryside with more than the rated voltage, and the current in the stator winding increases more, resulting in more increase in the stator winding temperature rise and overheating.

   2. Improper selection of the new crusher: the load conditions actually used do not match the form of the selected crusher; the lift is too high or too low.

   3. Mechanical failure: The mechanical failure of the new crusher's bearing is seriously damaged, the stator and rotor friction "sweeping" or the water crusher impeller is stuck by water debris and other debris.

   4. New crusher manufacturer or quality factor in repair: The quality reasons in the manufacturer and repair cause the crusher to be overloaded.

  Only after we understand the overload treatment method of the crusher in life, can we reduce the various conditions due to overload, enhance the characteristics in use, and reduce the occurrence of wrong directions.

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