How can cone crusher reduce production? Do you know why the crusher is boring?

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1, crushing chamber wear degree, conical crusher crushing process mainly depends on the crushing chamber to complete, if the crushing chamber wear seriously, so that materials can not form interlaminar crushing, this Seriously reduced the production capacity of the equipment.

2. Crushing force, conical crusher crushing force directly affects the efficiency of the equipment, which is related to the working capacity of the equipment hydraulic station, so we should pay attention to the ability of the hydraulic station when selecting equipment, or the crushing force can not be raised, how can the output go up?

3. Daily maintenance of equipment, cone crusher internal mainly rely on the extrusion between the moving vertebra and fixed cone to complete the crushing, so these parts wear, processing efficiency will also be reduced, which requires us to daily maintenance of equipment, regular replacement of spare parts crushing, cone crusher equipment why will be reduced It ensures the output of cone crusher. In

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, crusher in the course of operation voltage instability appear high or low. No matter whether the voltage is too high or too low, it is very likely to cause a dull phenomenon in the equipment. Therefore, we need to check the voltage to see if it is normal.

2. When the crusher is in operation, the belt or conveyor belt sheds off, so it is easy to cause the equipment to stop running. To avoid this, it is necessary to check if the belt is aging when starting the ore crusher.

3, the crusher outlet is blocked, resulting in the broken materials can not be discharged in a timely manner. Although the probability of equipment stuffing caused by this reason is very small, it is still necessary to guard against micro-gradual, operators more observation. Some of the points above

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