How can you handle the jaw crusher maneuver jaw? Do you know how to maintain the cone crusher?

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in the jaw crusher work process, if you hear a violent sound Then, the movement of the movable jaw plate will stop swinging. The main problems that cause the jaw of the jaw crusher to be unable to swing include the rotation of the flywheel, the swing of the connecting rod, and the relaxation of the pull rod spring, which will cause the jaw plate to stop swinging.

jaw crusher jaw can not swing, the most common reason is that the equipment fell into non-crushing objects, that is, other unrelated crushing materials, resulting in the failure of the thrust plate or rivet breakage, if the lower part of the connecting rod failure, mainly because the lower part of the connecting rod installed thrust plate support slider. Cracks appeared in the grooves. Therefore, if the jaw crusher can not swing without proper calculation during installation, the jaw will not swing. More people like


, regular inspection machine: any stone crushing equipment in the switch, should pay attention to regular inspection of the wear and tear inside the machine. In the maintenance of the machine must be checked vulnerable parts, vulnerable parts to reach the maximum wear resistance must be replaced in a timely manner. 88 8111 2, do a good job of lubrication of parts: timely do a good job of lubrication of friction surface, can ensure the normal operation of equipment and extend its service life. The choice of grease should be decided according to the use place, temperature and other conditions, every three months to replace it; when replacing the new oil must use clean gasoline or kerosene to clean the bearings and bearing seat dirt; before the machine starts, must be added to the elbow plate and elbow plate pad contact grease. Regular inspection of accessories: cone crusher conveyor belt is indispensable in the stone production line, regularly adjust the degree of elasticity of conveyor belt to ensure uniform force on the conveyor belt, bearing wear relatively large in use, often add lubricant to prolong the service life of bearings. Above

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