Do you know what types of crushers are broken?

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Do you know what types of crushers are broken? Let's take a look at it.

  crusher can be divided into mining crusher and medical crusher according to the major categories. According to the principle of crushing, there are jaw crusher, counterattack crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher and so on. According to the crushing mode and the mechanical structure characteristics (action principle), it can be divided into six categories:

-nbsp; nbsp; 1. Crushing the material between two working faces, after applying pressure, the material is crushed because the compressive stress reaches its compressive strength. This method is generally used to crush bulk materials. Nbsp;

  nbsp; 2. The material is placed between a plane and a working plane with a sharp edge. When the working plane with a sharp edge extrudes the material, the material will be split along the direction of the pressure action line. The reason for splitting is that the tensile stress on the splitting plane reaches or exceeds the tensile strength limit of the material. The tensile strength limit of materials is much smaller than that of compressive strength.  

    3, broken materials are broken by bending stress. Two pivot simply supported beams or multi fulcrum beams that are subjected to concentrated loads by crushing materials. When the bending stress of the material reaches the bending strength of the material, it is broken and broken. Nbsp;

  nbsp; 4. impact crushing materials are crushed by impact force, because the crushing force is instantaneous, its crushing efficiency is high, crushing ratio is large, energy consumption is small, impact crushing has the following several cases: (1) impact of moving objects on materials;  

  P; nbsp; (2) the impact of high-speed moving materials on the fixed working face;

-nbsp; nbsp; (3) the impact of high-speed moving materials on each other;  

-nbsp; nbsp;   (4) the impact of high-speed moving bodies on suspended materials. Nbsp;

  nbsp; 5. grinding (grinding)  

  nbsp; when the shear stress between the material and the moving working surface reaches the shear strength limit of the material, the material will be crushed, or the material will be broken by the shear and grinding action when the material rubs with each other. It's broken. More than

is the type of

crusher crushing mode, I hope to help you. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and elevengTBr1z2e/2A=


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