How to increase the strength of the counterattack plate and improve the working efficiency of the impact crusher?

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Do you know how to increase the counterattack strength by and increase the working efficiency of the impact crusher by ? Let's take a look at it.

1. Merge boom. Combining the front counterattack plate hanger rod and the rear counterattack hanger rod, the elastic vibration of the counterattack plate is improved, so that the materials bonded to the counterattack plate can be sent to the crusher shell in time, and enter the lower silo together with the crushed materials.

    2, repair plan for high manganese steel counterattack plate. Surfacing tests were carried out on worn counterattack plates and hammers with 506 electrode, No. 2 high carbon electrode and No. 5 high tungsten electrode. The welding hammer with 5 high tungsten electrode has strong abrasion resistance and impact resistance. The wear resistance of impact hammer with 506 electrode and No. 2 high carbon electrode after surfacing is more than two times higher than that of the original high manganese steel. But these two surfacing costs are high and economically uneconomical. Surfacing with No. 5 high tungsten electrode has good wear resistance and is economical. The specific method is to surfacing with No. 5 high tungsten electrode 2-3 times when the impact plate wears 3-5mm.

    3, adjust the percussion angle of the crusher. The impact angle of the impact crusher increases from 1500 to 3000, which can increase the impact strength and ensure the granularity of the crushed materials.

    4, reasonable use of counterhammer. The methods of using counterattack hammer include grouping according to weight tolerance, partition displacement, cross-dislocation and symmetrical transformation, etc. The most suitable method is selected according to the actual situation.

    5, reasonably adjust the clearance of the rotor. The clearance between the front part of the rotor and the shell of the impact crusher is increased from 10mm to 85mm, so as to prevent the front part of the body from being blocked.

    6, adjust the angle between the front counterattack plate and the rotor centerline. It can be increased from 250 degrees to 300 degrees, and the angle between the rear impact plate and the rotor center line can be increased from 200 degrees to 400 degrees, which is beneficial to the material impact crushing and guarantees the crushing granularity. Above

is by increasing the strength of the counterattack plate to improve the efficiency of the counterattack crusher method, I hope to help everyone. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven


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