Why did the crusher suddenly cease to work?

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Do you know why the crusher production stopped suddenly? Let's take a look at it.

common problems may be considered from several aspects of crusher equipment, first of all, because the drive groove wheel belt is too loose, resulting in a slippery rotating belt, this situation can only be replaced by the belt. The viscosity of materials is too high or the feeding speed is too fast, resulting in blockage of the discharge port, resulting in full storage of cars. Clear clogging of discharge port to ensure smooth production outlet. The other is the low voltage of the workplace and the failure to crush the stone, resulting in a stew car. In this case, we only need to adjust the voltage of the workplace. The eccentric shaft fastening bushing is loose, causing no clearance between the two sides of the bearing seat of the frame, causing the eccentric shaft to be stuck and unable to rotate, so the fastening bushing needs to be reinstalled or replaced. Finally, we consider that the bad working environment, heavy workload, causing serious damage to bearings, replacing the new bearings can be put into production. More than

is the reason why the crusher production stopped suddenly, and I hope it can help you. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven


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