What are the common failures and solutions of cone crushers?

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Do you know the common faults and solutions of the cone crusher? Let's take a look at it. Fault 1: The oil pressure in the tubing before and after the filter is different

Fault Reason: Filter blockage

Fault removal: When the oil pressure difference exceeds 0.04 MPa, the filter must be cleaned, first oil does not pass through the ground filter, then unload the filter cleaning, so as to directly feed oil to the crusher, no more than 2-3 hours

Fault 2 There is no oil flow in the oil flow indicator, but the oil pressure is lower than 0.5 MPa

fault reasons: 1. low oil temperature; 2. oil switch is not good; 3. oil pump is not working well;

troubleshooting methods: 1 oil heating; 2 will switch on well; 3 stop the crusher, replace the oil pump;

fault 3: oil tank in the amount of return reduced, oil surface significantly decreased Low

fault causes: 1. crusher cover leakage; 2. transmission bearing shell flange leakage; 3. spherical bearing seat ring groove blocked or excessive oil, oil leakage

fault removal method from dust prevention device: 1, 2 shutdown, find out the reason to eliminate, and then add oil to the tank; (3) shutdown, cleaning back to the oil ring groove, adjustment Failure 4: Oil temperature over 55 C, but oil pressure did not increase

Failure Reasons: eccentric sleeve part of the fault;

Failure removal method: Stop the machine to check the straight Bush and cone bush, find out the cause of failure Clear

Failure 5: Oil pressure increased while oil temperature also increased

Trouble causes: tubing or crusher internal oil circuit blockage

troubleshooting methods: stop to find the blockage and remove

trouble six: oil temperature from the cooler over 45

fault reasons: 1, no cooling water; 2, high cooling water temperature; 3, cooler blockage.

troubleshooting methods: cooling water supply; check whether the water pressure is too low, and as far as possible increase the pressure, check the cooling water temperature; clean the cooler.

Fault 7: Water in oil, oil tank increase

fault reason: cooler water pressure is higher than oil pressure

is the cone crusher common failures and solutions, I hope to help everyone. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven




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