What is the consequence of the lack of lubricating oil for impact crusher?

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Do you know what is the consequence of the lack of lubricating oil for impact crusher? Let's take a look at it.

, temperature change.

  the cracked lubricating oil will vary with the temperature. If the temperature is too low, the lubricating oil will become thicker and the temperature will be thinner. So pay attention to the viscosity of lubricating oil in high temperature weather, high temperature weather is suitable for high consistency of lubricating oil, cold weather is the need for thin viscosity of lubricating oil.

  two, speed.

  the faster the crusher equipment rotates, the more difficult it is to squeeze lubricating oil between the rollers, which will cause poor lubrication, and the lubricating oil is easy to agglomerate and thicken at high speed. Therefore, it is necessary to use low viscosity lubricants while low speed requires high viscosity lubricants.

  three, load size.

  counterattack using high viscosity lubricants will prevent collision and friction between equipment components better than low viscosity lubricants. If the load of cone breaker is light, low viscosity lubricating oil is needed, and high viscosity lubricating oil is needed for high load.

  four, impact load.

  counterattack engine will generate dynamic force. At this point, the equipment needs heavy lubricating oil containing extrusion additives to prevent the oil film rupture from causing friction. Above

is the result of the loss of lubricating oil in impact crusher. I hope it can help you. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven


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