Causes for abnormal temperature of jaw in jaw crusher

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Do you know why caused abnormal jaw jaw temperature? Let's take a look at it.

, Frame Abnormal jump

jaw crusher groove wheel counterweight block occurred position offset, the frame did not have the counterweight block after the frame vibration, the final frame in the work will be abnormal jump, frame jump aggravated the jaw crusher work load and vibration, resulting in the moving jaw can not operate normally; bearing position on In the tightening bushing, when the axial swing of the tightening bushing is abnormal, the bearing will jump and the moving jaw will collide with other parts of the equipment to generate heat.

2, lubricating oil injection

movable jaw is the main operating parts, bearing oil should be suitable, neither too little nor too much, when the bearings due to lack of lubricating oil bearings oil, friction phenomenon aggravated resulting in moving jaw temperature increases, or the amount of lubricating oil injected into the bearing is too large, will also be Causes the lubrication work to be invalid, the bearing friction is big, causes the movement jaw temperature to rise unexpectedly.

3, lubricating oil quality

lubricating oil hole is blocked by dust, added lubricating oil equivalent quantity can not enter the need for lubrication parts, so to ensure that jaw crusher has good lubrication. In addition to the use of professional lubricants, timely refueling, but also to often clean the bearing surface, to ensure that there are oil holes unobstructed, can not block the phenomenon, resulting in oil can not enter.

4, other parts and components failure

jaw crusher internal parts failure will also cause the movement of the jaw abnormal temperature rise, bearing damage or frame damage will occur above all kinds of circumstances, so we should pay attention to the timely detection of equipment parts and components of the operation and friction and timely replacement Damage parts, so that the equipment can run safely and smoothly. The end cover connected with the movable jaw seal sleeve generates a great deal of heat when the movable jaw runs, or the double cover of the frame bearing seat and the spindle runs when the friction is heated, resulting in the heating of the movable jaw. Above

is the reason for the abnormal temperature of the jaw of the jaw crusher. I hope it can help you. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and elevenh2957AjSRbA=


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