How to deal with the large amount of stone powder in the counter crusher?

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Counterattack crusher is also called counterattack crusher. It is mainly used for material processing of metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, hydropower and other materials which often need to be relocated. It is especially used for the operation of mobile stone materials such as expressway, railway and Hydropower projects. It can adopt various configurations according to the types of raw materials, the size and the requirements of finished materials. Type. Current mobile crushing stations in China are mostly used in construction waste disposal projects in urban demolition. The construction waste crushing screening is divided into several different sizes and rules of recycled aggregate, which is the basis of realizing the reuse of construction waste. Well, do you know what to do with the large amount of stone powder in the work of the impact crusher? Let's take a look at it.

counterattack crusher mainly uses the rotor rotation in the hangar to drive the hammer head rotation to strike the impact stone and finally break it. In this process, the rotor rotates rapidly, the blast volume is large, and the fine stone will spill out, causing dust pollution.

impact crusher works, in addition to the rotor rotation to bring out a large amount of air flow, so that the stone powder flying out, and it crushes the material mainly through the crushing chamber through multi-stage crushing grinding to complete, the material is smallest, in the course of operation, the powder is easy to fly out. In addition, its working mode is mainly through smashing, will increase the amount of dust, and long-term impact of the counterattack plate will be worn, and even more, counterattack plate surface will fall, which will cause the counterattack crushing confidentiality greatly reduced, and aggravate dust pollution. In order to solve the problem of large amount of stone powder in the work of the counter-impact crusher, users can equip with dust removal equipment, or add a closed cover when using it. They can also add a small amount of water to wet the material before entering the feed port of the counter-impact crusher or directly add a dedusting humidifier to cooperate with the work.

In order to reduce the amount of stone powder in the work of the counter-attack crusher, it is possible to inspect the parts of the equipment regularly, such as the lining plate, the sealing of the machine shell and the loosening of the screws at the joints of various devices. Regular maintenance and maintenance of the machine will greatly reduce the amount of dust and improve the work. Efficiency. Above

is the counterattack crusher in the work of a large amount of stone powder solution, I hope to help everyone. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven


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