Why does the main shaft of the cone crusher break?

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Cone crusher is a crushing machine suitable for raw materials in metallurgy, construction, road construction, chemistry and silicate industry. According to the difference of crushing principle and the particle size of products, they are divided into many models. Crushers are widely used in mines, smelting, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries and many other departments. The cone crusher has the advantages of high crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption and uniform product size. It is suitable for medium crushing and fine crushing of various ores and rocks. Cone crusher in the long-term use of improper or improper maintenance prone to problems, then you know why the main shaft of cone crusher fracture? Let's take a look at it.

spindle itself analysis:

1, the structure is unreasonable. When the main shaft and the dynamic cone fit surface interference is relatively large, or there is no unloading groove, it will lead to stress concentration, bearing capacity is too large, the main shaft fatigue, and then lead to damage. In addition, when the spindle is designed for a relatively small time, it is prone to "over iron" problem, which leads to fracture.

2, manufacturing quality is not qualified. In the manufacturing process of the spindle, the heat treatment work is not well done, the material is general, reducing the compression resistance of the spindle, once encountered with unbreakable objects, it is easy to break the spindle.

reasons for the production process:

1. Lubrication. If the body spherical friction is too serious, the spindle inserted into the Bush too much, will lead to narrow operating clearance, oil temperature is too high, and then the problem of burning tiles to hold the shaft, the spindle cone is easy to break.

2. Over iron and overloading. On the one hand, if frequent iron transfer occurs in the production process, the spindle is very easy to break, on the other hand, if the conical crusher operates under overload for a long time, the spindle is also easy to break.

3, equipment stuck. If the size of the feed is too large or there is something that can not be broken into the machine, it is easy to occur material clogging problem, leading to equipment jam, to a certain extent, will also lead to spindle fracture problem.

4, equipment aging. If the conical crusher production environment is relatively bad, it will cause a great impact on the spindle and other components, making each component aging, frequent failure. Above

is the reason why the main shaft of cone crusher will break, I hope to help you. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven


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