How to cool down mineral processing equipment under high temperature?

source:  release time: 2018-9-12 11:39:00

Do you know how to cool down mineral processing equipment under high temperature environment? ? Let's take a look at it.

first, we must regularly check the crushing equipment, vibrating screen and other mineral processing equipment, troubleshooting. Check the cooling system, fuel system is unobstructed, and replace aging wires, plugs, tubing, screws, fasten fuel pipelines to prevent fuel leakage. To replace the engine "three filters" and oil, replace or adjust the belt, check whether the fan, water tank, generator, compressor performance is reliable, if necessary maintenance, repair or replacement.

2. Clean up oil and dust on the surface of the equipment in time to ensure good heat dissipation of the engine and other components.

three, maintain a good machine running environment. For outdoor equipment, we can take measures such as setting up a greenhouse, sunscreen and so on to protect the sun, avoid long-term exposure to the sun, cause aging of machine parts and tires, too high temperature will also lead to the normal operation of equipment, causing machine failure. For indoor machinery and equipment, attention should be paid to ventilation cooling, can be taken to sprinkle water on the ground, open the window ventilation and other means of physical cooling, improve the working rate of the equipment in good condition. Above

is high temperature environment for ore dressing equipment cooling solution, I hope to help you. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven


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