What are the precautions for jaw crusher in operation?

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      do you know the points for attention when jaw crushers are in operation? Let's take a look at it.

    1, jaw crusher must start at no load. If the crusher makes an abnormal knocking sound after starting, it should stop running and restart the machine after identifying and eliminating the defects. After start-up, the equipment can be activated by * * time and normal operation. The ore to the crusher should be gradually increased until full load is run to avoid overload.

2, during the operation, attention should be paid to the lubrication of each lubrication point. Pay attention to the temperature of the bearing, especially the temperature of the eccentric bearing is not allowed to exceed 600 degrees C. Check the wear status of the ore drain regularly and adjust the size of the ore drain according to the wear condition.

3, in the course of operation, but also often pay attention to the large ore block jammed crusher feed mouth, if already jammed, to use iron hook to turn over the ore, so as to eliminate it. If the ore plugs the crushing chamber, it should stop feeding, and then open the feeder after the crushing of the ore in the chamber. If the large ore needs to be removed from the crushing chamber, it must be stopped and treated with special tools. It is forbidden to remove the ore from the crushing chamber by hand to avoid accidents.

4, attention must be paid to uniform ore feeding in operation, and ore should not be crowded with crushing cavities. At the same time, when mining, we must strictly prevent the excavators and other non breaking objects from entering the jaw crusher. Once it is found that these non-broken objects enter the crushing chamber and pass through the mine drainage outlet of the machine, the belt transport post should be notified immediately to take out in time, so as to avoid entering the next crusher and causing serious equipment accidents.

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