How to solve the sudden shutdown problem of jaw crusher?

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      do you know how to solve the sudden shutdown problem of jaw crusher? Let's take a look at it.

  nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; 1. jaw crusher will bear tremendous force during operation, which will cause loosening in the machine, thus affecting the work. For example, in the jaw crusher there is a device called eccentric shaft, when the fastening Bush used to fix the device loose, eccentric shaft stuck in the machine can not work. The correct way is to check whether the parts of the machine are loose or not, and to tighten them in time.

  nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; 2. jaw crusher is driven by belt transmission power, so if the belt tightness is not appropriate will cause shutdown. Loose belt will be unable to work because there is no power; too tight belt will be particularly easy to break, but also affect the work. So check the belt before you start the machine.

-nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; 3. in the jaw crusher use process, some workers in order to catch up with the deadline will continue to feed ore raw materials. As a result, if the load capacity of the machine exceeds the capacity of the machine, it will cause clogging of the feed port. Workers must clean up the feed port before continuing production. So in the production process *** to evenly add raw materials, so that it will not be stopped because of the blockage of the inlet.

  nbsp; nbsp; above is to solve the jaw crusher sudden shutdown problem, I hope to help you.

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