What is the solution to the dust problem of the Hubei crusher?

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Jaw crusher is mainly used as coarse crusher and medium crusher in mining, building materials, infrastructure and other departments. According to the width of the inlet, it can be divided into three types: large, medium and small. The machine whose inlet width is greater than 600MM is large, the machine whose inlet width is 300-600MM is medium, and the machine whose inlet width is less than 300MM is small. The jaw crusher is simple in structure, easy to manufacture and reliable in operation. The working part of

jaw crusher is composed of two jaw plates, one is fixed jaw plate (fixed jaw), the other is movable jaw plate (movable jaw), and the other is inclined to form large and small jaw cavity (working cavity) with fixed jaw plate. The movable jaw plates do periodic reciprocating movements against the fixed jaw plates, sometimes apart, sometimes approaching. When separated, the material enters the crushing chamber, and the finished product is discharged from the lower part; when approaching, the material installed between the two jaw plates is squeezed, bent and split and broken. Well, do you know what is the solution to the dust problem of the jaw crusher? Let's take a look at it. Dust Cause Analysis of


, Dust Production Point Analysis of crusher Dust Source of E-crusher mainly comes from the inlet, outlet and conveying system. The material to be processed is extruded and crushed by a crusher, and then sent to the next step by a conveyor. In this process, a large amount of dust will be produced, and the concentration is very high. Driven by the air flow, the dust will diffuse to the surrounding area, causing serious dust pollution.

2. Reasons for dust production at the inlet

E-crusher is not a fully closed equipment, in the process of feeding, it will inevitably produce dust spillover phenomenon, making the inlet around a relatively high concentration of dust.

3. Cause of dust production at the outlet

broken stone needs to pass through the outlet into the conveyor. Because of the difference between the outlet and the outlet, a part of the stone will flow into the air. At the same time, the conveyor in motion, the stone powder will also be raised to the surrounding diffusion.

understands the cause of dust in the crusher. In solving the problem, in addition to optimizing and improving the local structure of the equipment, we can also control the dust source by the external force of *** to avoid further diffusion of dust.

2. Measures to reduce dust in the crusher

. Sealing cover shall be installed at the dust source, and water spraying and dust collecting devices shall be provided at the same time.

(1) Two nozzles are arranged at the inlet and outlet, and the direction of the nozzle should be reasonable, pointing to the dust source.

(2) A vacuum cleaner is arranged at the overhaul port behind the moving jaw of the crushing chamber, and the connecting air pipe between the air blower and the air blower should be made into a flexible pipe, so as to facilitate the daily care of the equipment. (3) sprinkler device is installed in the conveyor belt to reduce dust dispersion during transportation.

2, optimize the structure of chute chute and so on.

(1) appropriately reduce the inclination angle of chute chute, thereby reducing the potential difference of material height.

(2) increase the number of teeth of the gear plate under other circumstances.

(3) replace the damaged sieve plate in time to avoid the problem of dust increase caused by material clogging. Above

is the solution to the dust problem of crusher, hope to help everyone. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven


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