Notes for jaw crusher storage

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      do you know what the attention of jaw crusher is? Let's take a look at it.

-nbsp; nbsp; 1. Storage location:

jaw crusher should be stored in a dry room. If there are special circumstances need to be parked outdoors, you must choose a flat ground and spread the board, parked with a cover. Arrangements and arrangements at parked airports should ensure that the entry and exit of any one of the machines are not affected by other machines.

two, remove the battery:

when long-term storage, the battery of jaw crusher should be removed. Place the battery in a dry and freeze-proof place and keep the surface clean and dry. Do not place conductive objects on the battery. When disassembling the accumulator, first cut off the negative electrode line, and then cut off the positive electrode line; installation to connect the positive electrode line, and then connect the negative electrode line. The electrical systems of construction machinery are all negative electrodes, which are arranged in order to prevent short circuit caused by disassembling and assembling accumulator batteries. Lead acid batteries should be charged once a month.

3. Preventing rust:

jaw crusher before storage, should depend on the size of the rust-proof paint skin off the external surface to determine whether to use the method of repairing or the whole machine re-spraying method for repairing, the metal exposed part of the rust should be coated with butter. Engine treatment:

in the jaw crusher before storage, release the engine cooling water, replace engine oil. The new motor oil is usually neutral and does not corrode the metal parts of the engine. The fuel tank is filled with diesel fuel to avoid rust, and if conditions permit, preservatives should also be added. During the shutdown period, the engine should be started once a month to make the machine run for a short distance. The purpose is to make the lubrication parts to establish a new film to prevent rust. It should be noted that before starting, the cooling water should be filled and the cooling water should be put out at the end. More than

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jaw crusher storage matters needing attention, hope to help you. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and elevenf79rvEcE7cs=


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