Do you know how to repair the damaged parts of impact crusher?

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Do you know how to repair the damaged parts of impact crusher? Let's take a look at it. The

impact crusher undertakes the very important secondary crushing production task both in the stone production line and the sand production line. The production process is to enter the impact crusher directly after a crushing. The hammer and the lining plate are driven by the motor to carry on the impact crushing production, while the impact crusher. Vulnerable parts, that is, plate hammer, liner.

impact crusher vulnerable parts how to modify

  nbsp; throughout the impact crusher is seriously damaged by the hammer, because the hammer needs to be constantly hammered to crush stone, although the hammer is high manganese steel, due to repeated impact and grinding of materials, wear very fast. The repairing method is either to change the position or to repair by surfacing, but the weight balance of the rotor should be paid attention to when repairing.

  nbsp; impact crusher is a large-scale crushing equipment, the whole shell is made of cast steel, but it is worth everyone's attention that the impact crusher in the crushing production is strictly prohibited iron, if the rotor problems can also be surfacing treatment or replacement of new rotor, waiting for rotor repair Attention should be paid to balancing the rotor in the future. Only in this way can the normal production be carried out.

  nbsp; generally speaking, the counter-attack crusher needs to be used according to its own situation when it is used and produced, and it should be produced strictly according to the technical specifications of the manufacturer. Abnormal use will cause great economic losses in the later period. Above

is the way to repair the fragile parts of the impact crusher equipment, I hope to help you. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven


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