What is the adjustment method for the ore drain of the jaw crusher?

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Do you know what the adjustment method of the jaw crusher is? Let's take a look at it. The lining plate of

jaw crusher is worn away by ore continuously during working, which makes the width of discharge port increase gradually. The width of discharge port has a direct impact on the productivity, power consumption and wear of crusher plate. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the width of discharge port in time. Specific adjustment methods are as follows:

, gasket adjustment

its principle is to put a group of gaskets with the same thickness between the back thrust plate support and the rear wall of the rack, by increasing or reducing the number of gaskets, to achieve the purpose of reducing or increasing the discharge port of the crusher. The adjusting device has the advantages of simple structure, compactness and little weight increase, so it is very suitable for large and medium-sized crushers. The adjusting wedge makes the adjusting wedge move upward or downward along the rear wall of the frame, drives the front wedge to move forward or backward, thus pushing the thrust plate or movable jaw, so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting the drainage outlet. This method is convenient to adjust, saves time, does not need to stop adjustment, but increases the size and weight of the machine, small and medium-sized crushers often use this adjustment device.

3, hydraulic adjustment

installed in this position hydraulic cylinder to adjust the discharge port, the crusher adopts hydraulic safety device, both reliable and safe, and easy to troubleshoot. The connecting rod of the crusher is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder and a piston, which are connected with the upper part of the connecting rod and the piston and the thrust plate support.

when working normally, the cylinder is filled with pressure oil, and the piston and cylinder are equivalent to a whole connecting rod. When the crushing chamber enters the non-crushing object, the connecting rod force increases rapidly, the oil pressure in the cylinder increases suddenly, pushes the liquid flow valve, the pressure oil is extruded, and the piston and the cylinder are loosened. At this point, although the connecting rod cylinder still moves up and down with the rotation of the eccentric shaft, the connecting rod piston does not move, so the thrust plate and movable jaw do not swing, playing the role of a safety device. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven




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