Do you know how to prevent the crusher from stopping and stopping?

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Do you know how to prevent the crusher from stopping and stopping? Let's take a look at it.

during operation, there will be some problems in the crusher, and plugging and stopping is one of them. The main reason for the breaker's blockage is that too much pole material in the small chamber of the crusher can not be discharged, and the moving cone can be withstood, resulting in overload jumping and stopping of the motor. Usually there are two kinds of breakdown:

1. Crusher production is high, plate conveyor can not pull away;

2. Downstream equipment jump, crusher continues to break. Once this happens, the material in the crushing chamber must be sorted out to continue to start, usually at least three hours to complete.

in order to prevent blocking jump, can be used acoustooptic indicator way direct instruction pouring, the effect is very good. Set the alarm current value of the plate conveyor should be appropriate, not too low, nor too high. Too low, the breaking opportunity often breaks, the stone will smash the plate conveyor, set too high, the volume of the lower chamber material, buffer space is not enough, if downstream equipment failure also easily lead to crusher plugging. The practice proves that the setting value of 33A can not only ensure the continuous and stable discharge of crusher, but also leave enough buffer space for the lower chamber of crusher, which can effectively prevent the material stopping. More than

is the way to prevent crusher from stopping and stopping, hoping to help you. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven


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