What is the reason for the fracture of the jaw plate of the crusher?

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Lithotripsy can be divided into medical lithotripsy and mining lithotripsy according to the major categories. Mining stone crusher is adapted to crush hard rock in mass mines in principle. Its typical grain size of granite discharge is less than 40 mm, accounting for 90%. It can handle materials with side lengths less than 100-500 mm. The highest compressive strength of

can reach 350 MPa. It has the advantages of large crushing ratio and cubic particle after crushing. Mining crushing machinery refers to the crushing machinery whose grain size is more than three millimeters and whose content accounts for more than 50% of the total discharge. Do you know why the jaw crusher of the crusher is broken? Let's take a look at it. It is well known that the crusher can crush materials mainly by using the strike energy of moving jaw and the counterattack of jaw plate. The jaw plate plays an important role in the crushing process. The common fault of the jaw plate is fracture. After eliminating the unqualified manufacturing process of the jaw plate produced by the crusher manufacturer, the fault of the equipment itself can be divided into the size of the discharge port of the crusher does not conform to the specification. When larger materials enter the crushing chamber, the load increases. In addition, the load of the jaw plate is increased correspondingly, and it is also related to the elbow plate and the elbow plate pad. If the quality of the elbow plate and the elbow plate pad is not up to standard, the elbow plate can not play the application of the self-breaking protection function when the strong impact force needs to be operated with self-breaking protection.

causes the tension of the pull rod spring within the crusher equipment to fail after a period of use and does not replace the spring device in time; the eccentric shaft, bearing, tight bushing and movable jaw are not assembled properly; the movable jaw displaces during the working process and breaks with the inner wall of the fuselage; the feeding is uneven, such as The material in the crushing chamber has a bias or the oblique angle of the lower hopper is too large, the moving jaw directly contact with the material impact, increasing the strength of the wear and impact. More than

is the reason why the jaw crusher of the

crusher is broken, and I hope it can help you. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven3oDut6cahPM=


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