Do you know how the movable jaw plate of a crusher works?

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Do you know how the movable jaw plate of a crusher works? Let's take a look at it.

When the jaw plate of the crusher is pressed on the material, the movable jaw plate moves down partly with the material, which produces a force to push the material down, thus speeding up the discharge speed and increasing the output. Practice has proved that the output of complex swing jaw crusher is 20% - 30% higher than that of simple swing glume crusher of the same specification. The horizontal swing of the upper part of the movable jaw is larger than that of the lower part, which makes the bulk material easy to be broken in the upper part, and the working area of the whole jaw plate is relatively uniform, which conforms to the crushing principle and is beneficial to the uniformity of the working load of the jaw plate.

due to the crusher unloading the lower jaw has a great downward vertical movement force, both to promote unloading, but also to the broken products repeatedly flipped, reducing the long sheet products, and unloaded with cube-shaped blocks. In the complex swing jaw crusher, the material is not only crushed, chopped and crushed, but also grinded, increasing the crushing force of the material, and also conducive to the improvement of production capacity. Because the vertical displacement of the movable jaw is large, the friction between the material and the jaw plate is intensified, which makes the jaw plate wear faster. At the same time, the phenomenon of over crushing is aggravated, resulting in larger dust.

in the crushing of materials, the movable jaw bear great crushing force, part of the role of eccentric shaft and bearing, especially the large complex swing force is very large, therefore, the complex swing jaw crusher is usually made of medium and small.

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