Reasons for low productivity of jaw crusher

source:  release time: 2018-8-10 8:47:00

Do you know the reason why the jaw crusher is low in productivity? Let's take a look at it.

1, the hardness and composition of the raw materials do not match the scope of jaw crusher equipment. In the process of placing materials, we should strictly follow the instruction manual and not put in excellent materials. At the same time, strict material screening has a crucial impact on production efficiency. The loss of each part of the jaw crusher or the low working voltage will also affect the production capacity of the equipment. Workers need to check the gear pitch of the equipment regularly, and adjust the relative position of the jaw plate and the bearing in time to ensure the fixity during operation. In case of serious wear and tear, timely replacement is necessary.

3. If the equipment and materials are in normal condition but the displacement is still low, it is necessary to inspect the voltage of the working site. The low voltage will cause the bad operation of the equipment to a great extent. Therefore, the voltage of the working site will be adjusted to suit the heavy load requirements of the equipment to ensure that it can fully adapt to the machine. Work safety and stability.

jaw crusher in the production and processing process, in order to ensure the output and quality of products, operators need to strictly follow the provisions of the feeding, while the equipment parts for strict regular maintenance, once found that the working capacity of the equipment is reduced, it is necessary to immediately stop the inspection of key components and solve the problem. . More than

is the reason why jaw crusher is low in productivity, and I hope it can help you. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven



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