Maintenance instructions for various parts of crusher

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Do you know the requirements for the maintenance of each part of the crusher? Now let's have a look at it. Daily Maintenance of

Ore Crusher:

can be put into operation at any time to ensure that the crusher equipment is in good technical condition, reduce the breakdown date, improve the intact rate and utilization rate of the mine crusher, reduce the wear and tear of the mine crusher, prolong the service life of the mine crusher, reduce the operation and maintenance of the mine crusher. In order to ensure safety in production, it is necessary to strengthen the daily maintenance of mining crushers, to maintain regularly and compulsively, to correctly handle the relationship between use and maintenance and repair, not to allow only maintenance, only maintenance. Lubrication maintenance of

ore crusher:

often pay attention to and timely do a good job of lubrication of friction surface, can ensure the normal operation of mining crusher and extend the service life of equipment. The grease added to the bearing seat is 50-70% of the volume and must be replaced every three months. Clean gasoline or kerosene should be used to carefully clean the runway of the bearing roller when changing the oil. When the elbow plate is in contact with the elbow plate cushion, the lubricating oil must be injected before the mining crusher is started. Bearing maintenance of

ore crusher:

bearing parts are the most vulnerable parts, because wear and tear in use is relatively large, so it needs regular maintenance, often refueling to increase the service life of bearings. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven


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