Maintenance of ring hammer crusher

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Maintenance items of ring hammer crusher

, ring hammer crusher running 60 hours, the bearing should be added lubricant once;

2, jack up to check whether the fasteners are solid and reliable;

3, regular inspection of wear and tear of each grinded parts;

4, replacement of the hammer, first open the movable cover plate, take Remove the counterattack plate, remove the small cover on both sides of the upper casing, then turn the flywheel by hand, align the hammer pin on the small hole in the other book of the upper casing, remove the plug on the hammer pin, and finally remove the hammer pin to replace the ring hammer. The installation of the ring hammer should meet the following requirements: the weight difference of the ring hammer with a symmetrical row exceeds 0.1 kg; the weight of the ring hammer with all rows of B should be increased along the same direction.

5. When replacing the sieve plate, first open the movable cover plate, take out the counterattack plate, movable plate and press the sunburn plate, then take out the sieve plate and replace it.

6. The lubricating oil in the bearing seat is changed every 3~6 months. The amount of refueling is about 2/3 inside the bearing block. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven


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