Do you know the daily use of crusher?

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Do you know the daily use of crusher? Let's take a look at it.

hammer head is the crusher's core components, but also the crusher's most important wear-resistant matching, the crusher's hammer head arranged in the crusher rotor hammer shaft above, when the crusher runs at high speed, the hammer head through a direct impact on the material, so that the material is broken into appropriate fineness.

  according to the manufacturing process, hammers can be divided into casting hammers and forging hammers; according to the material, it can be divided into high chromium hammers, composite hammers, high manganese steel hammers, cemented carbide hammers and so on. Each material hammer has its own advantages and disadvantages, but also has its own characteristics and functions.

-nbsp; for the hammer head of high-molten alloy crusher, its hardness is excellent, but toughness is poor, in the absence of hammer support, easy to fracture; and high manganese steel hammer head toughness, good workmanship, and low price, but high manganese steel hammer head on the crusher overall performance requirements, if in actual work, physics If the impact force is insufficient or the contact stress is small, the surface can not be machined and hardened rapidly, so that its wear resistance can not be brought into play. Compared with other materials, the cemented carbide hammer has higher hardness, bending strength, impact resistance and thermal fatigue toughness.

-nbsp; familiar with the use of hammer material of crusher, when crushing materials can reasonably choose the appropriate hammer material, ensure the efficiency of crusher, prolong the life of hammer, thereby saving costs and improving efficiency.

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