Do you know the importance of protective measures for cone crusher?

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With the continuous development of mining technology, cone crushers are also divided into several types, according to the types including spring cone crusher, paddle type cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher and composite cone crusher 4 categories; according to the type is divided into ordinary Y cone crusher, Simons cone crusher, composite cone crusher, standard. Hydraulic cone crusher, single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and many other models. Hydraulic crusher is developed on the basis of digestion and absorption of various types of cone crushers with international advanced level in the 1980s. It is obviously different from the traditional cone crusher in structure design, and concentrates the main advantages of various types of cone crushers known so far. It is suitable for fine crushing and ultra-fine crushing of hard rocks, ores, slag, refractory materials and so on. As a new type of mine crusher,

cone crusher has been widely used in many industries because of its high efficiency, uniform and high quality crushing of finished materials and stable operation performance. Because of its high production performance, it is often used to crush medium and high hardness materials which are difficult to be handled by traditional crusher equipment. Heavy production and often overloaded operation inevitably cause breakdown of crusher equipment and affect the service life of crusher. It is very important for cone crusher to do well in protective measures.

in the use of cone crusher process, because of its wide range of use, in the crushing of corrosive materials such as acid and alkali, it is easy to damage the crusher broken parts. Usually this kind of material needs to go through the relevant acid and alkali reduction treatment before crushing, or use special crusher related parts. Specific circumstances need to be based on the corresponding production environment and requirements, as well as the cost of demand input and other comprehensive factors to consider the choice.

We do a good job in the cone crusher during the use of the daily maintenance of equipment, regular maintenance of the relevant important components. Only by doing a good job in maintenance and prevention can the normal operation of crusher equipment be guaranteed to a greater extent, thus reducing the occurrence of cone crusher production failure.

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