Do you know how to relieve the vibration of cone crusher?

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Do you know how to relieve the vibration of cone crusher? Let's take a look at it.

nowadays, cone crusher is also widely used, and it can be compared with jaw crusher. It restricts not only the application in mining industry, but also in the field of building materials and chemical engineering. But what worries us is that the cone crusher is prone to vibration in the normal working process, which not only affects the working efficiency but also causes noise pollution. In view of this situation, the Expo's researchers have come up with a centralized damping method through practice.

1, do not allow large ores and non broken materials to enter the crushing chamber. Although there is a good steel protection system inside the crusher, the intrusion of these non-crushing materials will not only affect the quality of the discharged material, but also increase the working load of the crusher, which is easy to cause damage to the crusher accessories, and noise generation.

2, be sure to repair and maintain the crusher regularly. Usually if some small accessories have slight damage, we are not easy to find, sometimes there may be a slight vibration we are not easy to find, but when we find it late, so we must strengthen the maintenance and repair of the crusher, especially the maintenance and maintenance of moving cone and eccentric sleeve parts.

3. It is also the most important to adopt proper anti-seismic foundation, and the anti-seismic measures of crushers are also very necessary. When crushers have to be placed on the floor, the foundation design must be carried out, vibration isolation measures must be taken and the possibility of resonance checked. In order to avoid the possibility of vibration of the crusher.

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