How to maintain jaw crusher?

source:  release time: 2018-8-1 11:30:00

Do you know how to maintain jaw crusher? Let's take a look at it. Regular inspection of jaw crusher equipment: Any stone crusher equipment in the switch, should pay attention to regular inspection of wear and tear inside the machine. In the maintenance of the machine must be checked vulnerable parts, vulnerable parts to reach the maximum wear resistance must be replaced in a timely manner.

-nbsp; 2. do a good job of lubrication of jaw breaking equipment parts: do a good job of lubrication of friction surface in time, can ensure the normal operation of jaw crusher equipment and extend its service life. The choice of grease should be decided according to the use place, temperature and other conditions, every three months to replace the oil must be clean with gasoline or kerosene cleaning bearing and bearing seat dirt; elbow plate and elbow pad contact in the machine before starting, must be added grease.

-nbsp; 3. Regular inspection of jaw broken parts: jaw crusher conveyor belt is indispensable in stone production line, regularly adjust the degree of elasticity of conveyor belt to ensure uniform force on the conveyor belt; Red Star Machine believes that bearing wear is relatively large in use, often add lubricant to prolong the service life of the bearing.

-nbsp; "Maintenance" makes jaw crusher more "confident" and "younger" when working, while prolonging the service life of jaw crusher, saving production costs for users, creating greater economic benefits.

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