Ball inclusion phenomenon in ball mill

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Do you know what should be done in the ball milling machine? Let's take a look at it.

1. Forming the ball-wrapping scene of ore dressing ball mill:

1, the mill temperature is too high;

2, the water content of the grinding material is too high;

3, poor ventilation, the heat in the mill can not be discharged in time, will also cause the material temperature in the mill is too high and ball-wrapping;

4, ore dressing ball mill bin grinding can not be balanced.

2. Ball packing method of ball mill:

1. Adopt the method of lowering the temperature in the mill, such as improving the ventilation in the mill, strengthening the water spraying in the cylinder, lowering the temperature of the material entering the mill,

2. Participate in suitable dry slag, dry slag and other materials with grinding aids to the cement mill,

3, participate in appropriate assistance. Grinding agent;

4, strengthen the drying of materials, change to dry materials;

5, sweep air duct, improve ventilation.

3. Attentions

-nbsp in ball-packing treatment of ball-dressing mill; Ball-packing should not be treated by cutting or stopping feeding as well as full-grinding. Otherwise, the temperature in the mill is higher and the ball-packing situation is more serious. If the ball-packing mill can not be balanced by grinding in each bin, the proper back-bin ball should be taken out. If the uniform ball diameter of the tie-in section is too large, the equivalent maximum ball segment should be replaced by a smaller ball segment. If necessary, the ball segment should be graded from scratch.

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