What is the reason for the clogging of the grate bar of the hammer crusher?

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Hammer crusher equipment in the work will inevitably occur grate blockage phenomenon, then you know hammer crusher equipment grate blockage is what? Let's take a look at it.

. Blockage Reasons: The material is wet, the moisture content is large, through the silo hammer smash, by the grate bottom screening fine material, resulting in blockage crusher.

Solution: Before feeding, the water content of crushed materials is measured by a detector. If it exceeds the standard, the feed quantity is reduced appropriately.

2, clogging reasons: feeding speed is too fast, load increases.

Solution: When using the crusher must pay attention to, in the process of feeding, to pay attention to the ammeter pointer deflection angle at any time, if more than the rated current, indicating that the motor overload, overload for a long time, will burn out the motor. If this happens, the feeding gate should be reduced or closed immediately, and the feeding mode can be changed, and the feeding quantity can be controlled by increasing the feeder.

3, clogging reasons: uneven feeding.

solution: stop the machine, clean up the blockage in the screen gap, and adjust the feeding mechanism.

equipment life depends on maintenance, no good operation and maintenance habits, even good crusher is easy to break down, so we must maintain a good hammer crusher, in order to avoid delaying work.

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