Do you know the improvement and progress of hammer crusher equipment?

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Do you know the improvement and progress of hammer crusher equipment? Let's take a look at it.

1. Hardfacing and strengthening screen bar and screen bar. After the installation and positioning of the screen bar rack and the screen bar, the wear-resistant surfacing electrode is used to reinforce the screen bar rack. The surfacing height of the wear-prone working face is about 5mm. At the same time, the welding of the screen bar is fixed on the screen bar rack, which can prevent the deformation of the screen bar rack, and the screen bar scatters, thus providing a fixed protection. This improvement can greatly extend the service time of screen rack and screen bar and reduce material consumption.

2. Improving the dynamic and static balance test of the rotor of the hammer crusher and installing the strike balancing hammer head is an important way to solve the vibration of the hammer crusher. The foundation of hammer crusher and its drive motor are combined as a whole, and concrete masonry is used to enhance its anti-vibration performance and avoid vibration damage to the foundation, so as to ensure the service performance of square hammer crusher.

3, sieve frame lengthened 160 mm, can be arranged four more sieve, increase the hammer crusher work area, qualified particle size products timely discharge the crushing chamber, reduce the generation of over-crushing, reduce the load of the crusher, easy to improve production capacity.

4. The integral structure of the upper rack is changed into a split structure. This structure makes it convenient to overhaul the rotor. The rotor can be lifted out simply by removing the left part of the split part. Attention should be paid to removing stress and ensuring assembly performance of the whole machine when cutting the upper frame and welding a pair of flanges. The radian R520 of the screen rack is changed to R510, which reduces the gap between the screen bar and the hammer head and facilitates the adjustment of the screen rack. When the hammer head is worn out, the screen rack can be adjusted sufficiently.

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