How much do you know about crusher maintenance knowledge?

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How much do you know about crusher maintenance knowledge? Let's take a look at it. Regular inspection of the machine

any stone crushing equipment in the switch, should pay attention to the regular shutdown of the machine, check the wear and tear inside the machine. In the process of inspection, the machine must be completely stopped before it can be repaired, which can avoid a series of dangers. In the maintenance of the machine must be checked vulnerable parts, vulnerable parts to reach the maximum wear resistance must be replaced in a timely manner. Regular inspection of accessories

jaw broken conveyor belt is indispensable in the stone production line, machine drive is the merit of conveyor belt. Regularly adjust the tightness of the conveyor belt to ensure that the conveyor belt is evenly distributed. Red Star Heavy Industry thinks that bearing wear is relatively large in use, often refueling to increase the service life of the bearing, adding 50-70% of the total bearing. Under normal circumstances, the temperature rise of bearings should not exceed 35 degrees Celsius, and the maximum temperature does not exceed 70 degrees centigrade. Maintenance of moving jaw bearings, usually only arrange cleaning oil change, not necessarily need to replace bearings. The usual method is to pull the bearing and eccentric shaft out of the bearing cavity.

3, do a good job of lubrication of parts

often pay attention to timely lubrication of friction surface, can ensure the normal operation of the machine and extend the service life. The grease used should be determined according to the location, temperature and so on. The grease added to the bearing seat is 50-70% of its volume, which must be replaced every three months. When replacing the new oil, clean gasoline or kerosene must be used to clean the dirt in the bearing and bearing seat. Contact between elbow plate and elbow plate pad must be lubricated before machine starts. More than

is the maintenance knowledge of crusher, and I hope it can help you. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven




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