The main characteristics of the wear-resistant material of crusher hammers are such.

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Do you know the main characteristics of the wear resistant material of the crusher hammer? Let's take a look at it. The hammer head of

crusher is the main wear-resistant part of hammer crusher. The wear resistance of hammer head is directly related to the work efficiency of crusher. At present, they are high manganese steel, low alloy wear resistant steel and high chromium cast iron. Now Xiaobian briefly introduces the performance of the hammers made of these three materials.

First of all, everyone knows that high manganese steel has the characteristics of work hardening. However, the high manganese steel hammer in the actual work process is mostly low stress, impact force is not enough, resulting in the surface of the hammer can not be quickly and highly hardened, cone crusher high manganese steel hammer wear resistance will be poor, after a long period of market. With the trend of survival of the fittest, the hammer of high manganese steel has been gradually eliminated.

secondly, low alloy bainite or martensite wear-resistant steel hammer head of vertical shaft crusher should meet the requirements of the broad market, it has high hardness, good toughness, good wear resistance and low production costs, occupying a certain share in the current market. However, the hardness of low alloy wear-resistant steel is very high, and the brittleness increases when the hardness is too high, which will increase the risk of hammer fracture. In addition, the low alloy wear-resistant steel structure contains no or only a small amount of high hardness carbide, so the wear resistance of the hammer is still not ideal enough to meet the growing wear resistance of the market

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