Types and working principles of industrial crushers

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Nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; before we understand the type and working principle of industrial crusher, let's understand what is industrial crusher.

-nbsp; nbsp; as the name implies, the so-called industrial crusher is through the relevant large-scale equipment, industrial materials for crushing, grinding, thinning and other ways, thus becoming a secondary manufacturing materials, of course, this is also the main role of industrial crushers. At present, crushers are generally used in chemical plants, electric power institutions, cement plants, mining groups, gold manufacturing industry, road construction and other purposes, and become the most widely used and most effective important equipment in these institutions.

Let's understand the types and working principles of industrial crushers :

  nbsp; nbsp; industrial crushers two categories are as follows:

domestic commonly used crushers can be divided into mechanical crushers and non-mechanical crushers.

mechanical crusher through artificial external force impact, extrusion, grinding, high-capacity crushing, external force distortion, etc., to achieve the effect from large to small, mechanical crusher industrial use is very extensive, but also one of the preferential equipment of various industrial enterprises. It has high cost performance, good crushing effect, common cost, simple and excellent maintenance, and is favored by construction enterprises at home and abroad.

Non-mechanical Crusher - This kind of crushing effect can be called non-mechanical crusher. This kind of crusher usually uses explosive crushing, fire crushing, electric breakdown, electromagnetic wave crushing or hydraulic crushing and so on. Non mechanical crusher is mainly used in airports, aerospace and other important places. Non-mechanical crushers can achieve higher breaking strength, but their maintenance costs are higher than ordinary industrial crushers. Working principle of


Here we mainly introduce the domestic construction enterprises commonly used stone crusher, hammer crusher relying on mechanical steel vertical head for material instantaneous high-strength hammering, to achieve crushing effect. By opening the crusher shell, we can find that there is a large rotor in the hollow part of the hammer crusher. The rotor will produce rapid rotation when starting. This reaction force will effectively break through the crushed material and achieve the crushing effect.

the rotor will produce an opposite force during the high-speed rotation. When the material touches the rotor head, the same forces are applied, which are sufficient to produce a bursting effect. When the bulk material is broken, it will be rolled by the rotating head of the rotor. Small pieces of material will produce strong friction with the cracked wall in the chamber of the crusher, and then become small pieces. At the end of

, the crushed material crushed by the rotor will flow slowly through the bottom discharging sieve hole. Those that are not completely crushed will be processed by the second quick hammering and rolling of the rotor until the remaining material is crushed to the size of the sieve hole below.

industrial hammer crusher has the characteristics of

, industrial hammer crusher is simple in construction, simple in flow, light in weight, easy to move, low power consumption, fully in line with the enterprise pollution discharge standards.

2, cost-effective, the same cost, industrial hammer crusher production efficiency is far higher than other crushers. The crushing effect is obvious, the debris discharged is neat and beautiful, and it is convenient for handling two times.

  nbsp; nbsp; 3. low maintenance costs, high safety factor, almost every part can be disassembled and maintained, convenient for the later overall maintenance process.

industrial crusher has been widely used in major construction enterprises after decades of continuous improvement. Compared with other crushing methods, industrial crusher is more environmentally friendly, more effective and more cost-effective, and is favored by enterprises and institutions. In addition, these crushers can not only become target audiences in production lines, manufacturing, crushing industries, but also replace almost all ordinary crushing methods.

  nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; above is the type of industrial crusher and working principle, I hope to help you. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven


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