The crusher manufacturer tells you the development of scrap crusher.

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Scrap processing equipment develops with the development of iron and steel industry. The demand for high-quality steelmaking burden promotes the emergence and development of various processing equipment. Advanced processing equipment produces high-quality scrap steel. It also promotes the development of iron and steel industry. What is the development of scrap crusher now? Let's take a look at it.

foreign development

foreign scrap crusher manufacturing enterprises are mainly the United States Newell, Germany's indemann, and Japan's Fuji Vehicle Association. In terms of production scale and technological advancement, Newell and Lindemann are the most comprehensive companies to do a brief introduction from the structural characteristics and technical performance. Newml, the largest scrap crusher manufacturer in the United States, first introduced the SHD scrap crusher in the 1960s. The structural features of the SHD crusher are as follows:

1) The main engine housing is made of extra-thick steel plate with high manganese cast steel lining, which can be replaced;

2) The main engine rotor has 11 steel discs installed on the horizontal shaft, with 6 pin shafts distributed around the disc and 10 hammers axially suspended; 3) The main shaft is supported by ball bearings, and the circulating oil is forced to moisten. Sliding cooling, and equipped with temperature sensors; 4) The inlet is equipped with a super-strong double-barrel feeding device, one high and one low position, rotating in the same direction, can gradually flatten the bulk material, into the machine. The rotating speed of the drum determines the feeding speed. It is controlled by the load current feedback of the motor of the main engine, which realizes automatic regulation and ensures the optimal load state of the main engine.

5) When the non-breakable material enters the body, the operator can open the discharge door and discharge it from the body to avoid damaging the crusher. Lindemann company is a show of scrap crusher production industry. It initially obtained the concession from the US Newell company to manufacture scrap crusher. Lindemann introduced a new type of scrap crusher, ZK crusher, in the late 1920s, aiming at the situation that the crusher itself or its subsequent conveying equipment was damaged because of the heavy components mixed with scrap steel. The features of this model are: rotating grille is suspended on the upper left side of the machine body, which can be opened to the rear; movable anvil is arranged on the lower left to adjust the clearance between the rotor hammer head and the anvil, so as to obtain the desired size of broken steel sheet; rotating grille plays a dual role of screening and discharging the unbreakable material; rotating direction of the rotor. Consistent with the direction of feeding, the material enters the crusher and is first kept above the crushing chamber; when the crushable enters between the rotor and the anvil, it is broken and torn into small pieces, and the heavy-duty steel scrap driven by the rotor will crash into the movable grid, causing it to rotate backwards, thus leaving the crusher.

China's development

domestic development with the recycling of scrap resources market demand, domestic demand for scrap crusher gradually increased. Shenzhen Terrace Co., Ltd. is a large-scale scrap crusher system equipment company, from the United States Newell company introduced China's first, is the world's 457 largest power 7kW scrap crushing system. In addition, Guangzhou Ya Gang iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has introduced the 98104 type scrap crusher from Newell company.

entering the twenty-first Century, China's steel industry entered a period of rapid development. In 1996, China's steel output exceeded 100 million tons for the first time, doubled to 200 million tons in 2003, exceeded 300 million tons in 2005, and climbed to 500 million tons in 2008, ranking first in the world. With the rapid development of the market, the demand for scrap iron and steel materials has also increased dramatically. According to statistics, the annual application of scrap steel in China increased from 29 million tons to 72 million tons in 2000-2008, an increase of 147%, increasing at an average annual rate of 5.35 million tons. In 2008, the total consumption of scrap steel in China was 72 million tons, which has become the world's largest demand market for scrap steel.

scrap steel processing equipment develops with the development of iron and steel industry. The demand for high-quality steelmaking burden promotes the emergence and development of various processing equipment. Advanced processing equipment produces high-quality scrap steel. It also promotes the development of iron and steel industry. With the development of the national economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the number of mechanical equipment, automobiles, household appliances and so on not only increased, but also the renewal cycle shortened, forming a recycled waste steel from the proportion of society increased. The waste iron and steel components recovered from society are complex, and non-ferrous metals, non-metal and garbage are mixed. This puts forward a new requirement to us, that is, the scrap processing equipment must meet the new requirements under the new situation.

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